Zip hydroboil plus hp003 manual

Zip Water Heater Installation Instructions

LCD Display Scale Prevention In hard water areas the presence of naturally occuring minerals in water may cause scale to form.

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Whilst scale may be controlled by periodic use of a proprietory descaler (such as those available from super for treating kettles, irons etc) the effective control of scale can be problematic in some circumstances.

<strong>ZIP</strong> <strong>Hydroboil</strong> HS005 2 4KW 5Litre Water

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The Claris filters are simple to install and require no maintenance other than filter replacement, typiy after about 6 months.

Zip HP003 Hydroboil Plus Autofill Boiling

Where this is the case Aquahot recommends the use of Claris hh capacity ion exchange filters.

Zip hydroboil plus hp003 manual:

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