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Mathematical Preliminaries 1.1 Scalar, vector, matrix, and tensor definitions 1.2 Index notation 1.3 Kronecker delta and alternating symbol 1.4 Coordinate transformations 1.5 Cartesian tensors 1.6 Principal values and directions for symmetric second-order tensors 1.7 Vector, matrix, and tensor algebra 1.8 Calculus of Cartesian tensors 1.9 Orthogonal curvilinear coordinates Chapter 2.

Theory of Interest-Stephen Kellison-Solutions Manual

Using MATLAB software, numerical activities in the text are integrated with analytical problem solutions.

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These numerics aid in particular calculations, graphiy present stress and displacement solutions to problems of interest, and conduct simple finite element calculations, enabling comparisons with previously studied analytical solutions.

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Online ancillary support materials for instructors include a solutions manual, image bank, and a set of Power Point lecture slides.

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