Manual for advent 4211

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Please Note: You need to use the special edition builds noted to use Broadcom drivers ============================================================================== /etc/modprobe.d/cd /lib/modules/3.4.0/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/ wget insmod /lib/modules/3.4.0/kernel/net/wireless/cfg80211sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.4.0/kernel/net/wireless/lib80211sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.4.0/kernel/net/wireless/lib80211_crypt_sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.4.0/kernel/net/wireless/lib80211_crypt_sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.4.0/kernel/net/wireless/lib80211_crypt_sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.4.0/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/sudo depmod -a Wireless networks should start to miraculously appear and you can connect as required.

Onkyo T-4211 user manual - - Solve your problem

One minor gripe is that the driver doesn’t seem to like hidden SSID and bombs out when attaching to them. Huge thanks to Doug Anson @ Dell for providing the driver.

Bs <i>4211</i>- eBook and <i>Manual</i> Free download

Bs 4211- eBook and Manual Free download

As per the readme located good few variants should be supported.

UKT Support - Advent 4211 Netbook

As ever, its tested on a Dell Inspiron 910 only (Mini 9)!

Manual for advent 4211:

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