Building boost with a manual transmission

Finally official Turbo EX-T gets manual transmission

Once that question is answered, that narrows down the field of what parts you want to run, that wont be detrimental down the road, and also will let you select parts that you wont have to remove down the road once you get further into your build.

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The best rule to remember is do you want your car/project to be: Cheap, Reliable, or Fast..can only have TWO!

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The Ultimate (well sort of) Dodge Neon SOHC Build-Up Guide' Compliments of 03neon RT @ dodgeforum.com1-8-2007The first question you need to ask is what direction do I want to go?

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Turbo, All Motor, Nitrous, Turbo w/ nitrous, etc... Do you want to maintain streetability and reliability or go for all out power?

Building boost with a manual transmission:

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