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While Nunes, chair of the House Intellence Committee, has said that those who leak "belong in jail," he has not yet committed to investating them.

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Senate Intellence Committee The Senate Intellence Committee has the the most cohesive and robust of an investation going so far, with both the Republican chairman and the Democratic ranking member similarly minded about its purpose and scope. At the time, the committee said that part of the investation would include any contacts between the Trump campan and the Russians.

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The committee opened their probe in early January into alleged Russian interference in U. Committee members have acknowledged that the controversy surrounding Flynn's transition contacts would be a natural extension of the investation. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, and ranking member of the committee, has said he wants Flynn to testify before the committee, a move that Sen. C., the top Republican, said could happen "eventually." Both members have said they would like to see the transcripts of the s between Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

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Nunes said that the ongoing investation could be expanded to include Flynn if "it all falls under the umbrella." House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is skeptical of House Republican commitment to investate. "The speaker is saying it's up to the Intellence Committee — the chairman of the Intellence Committee is saying don't look at me, I'm not doing any of this.

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