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(first posted 4/9/2015) GM’s most persistent Deadliest Sin was releasing new cars that were half-baked and lacking certain key ingredients. This problem goes way back, the poster boy being the 1971 Vega, although one could argue there were earlier examples too.

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And it continued for way too long, until it was too late.

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Now before a select few of you have to reach for your blood pressure medicine, and jump in to tell me about your 1999 Cavalier that ran 389,000 miles without an oil change, let me preface the Cavalier’s sins by acknowledging two important things: One: It did not arrive with the kind of truly horrendous problems that plagued the new X-Body cars just some two years earlier, which made them the most reed cars ever.

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But here it is, thanks to CC Cohort William Oliver.

Free chevy cavalier repair manual:

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