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Installation Guide NXA-KLB Kensington Lock Bracket for NXT-1200V and -VG Series Panels Overview Securing locations for Kensington Lock Brackets The NXA-KLB (FG2259-10) is an optional accessory for AMX Table Top (NXT-) 1200V and VG-Series touch panels, which allows you to use a standard Kensington Lock Connector plate cover (open to access the System to prevent theft.

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Connectors on the rear of the base)The Kensington Lock System itself (including lock, key and security cable) is sold separate Method B: Installing the Flat Lock Bracket 1.

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If you removed the connectors previously, re-insert them into their proper loca- tions on the touch panel.

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This ensures that the Flat Bracket will not obstructing any of the connectors on the rear panel. Aln the openings on the bottom of the Flat Lock Bracket to the securing locations on the left side of the touch panel connector plate (located under the connector plate cover, as indicated in F.

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