Ig5a variable frequency drive manual

LS 5 Series Features & Specifications

Starvert i G5A LS Starvert i G5A is very competitive in its price and shows an upgraded functional strength.

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User-friendly interface, extended drive ranges up to 22k W, superb torque competence and small size of i G5A provides an optimum use environment.

LS Inverter Series

LS Industrial SV0755A-2 10 HP at 460v 3 phase Variable Frequency.

Standard compliance Compactness i G5A Hh performance Userfriendliness & Easy maintenance Open the catalogue to page 2 Compact & Powerful Drive i G5A Overview Model & Type Standard Specifications Wiring Terminal Confurations Keypad Features Parameter Setting Trial Run Dimensions Braking Resistors and Peripheral Devices Function List Protective Functions Fault Remedy Drive Starvert i G5A Series Open the catalogue to page 3 Powerful & Upgraded Performance i G5A provides sensorless vector control, PID control, and ground-fault protection through powerful built-in functions.

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Sensorless vector control Ground-fault protection during running The ground-fault protection of output terminal is possible during running.

Ig5a variable frequency drive manual:

Rating: 100 / 100

Overall: 92 Rates