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Statics and Dynamics(Jan 2011) Summer 2010 version: Statics and Dynamics 40 MB, 1000 pages (8/21/10), Partial Solns Manual (8/21/10) Known errors in 8/21/10 version Spring 2009 version: Hardbound, 2-color: 16 chapters, 997 pages. Errata (Spring 2009, corrected in fall 09 book), Want a copy for free? Aug 7, 2008 Full book: Chapters1-16 w/ index and some answers (997 pages, 28 meg) Two one-color spiral-bound volumes available as of Aug 28, 2008 for $75 ($72 at Kraftees).

Engineering Thermodynamics Solutions Manual -

TWO ISSUES: 1) A few of the books are missing printing on the inside covers.

Text Book Statics and Dynamics - Andy Ruina

Text Book Statics and Dynamics - Andy Ruina

If yours is one of these (check all 4 inside covers) ask Andy for stickers to put in your book.

Solutions Manual to Walter Rudin's Principles of

2) The (terrible) spiral binding will be more likely to hold together if you put a drop of glue (superglue or plastic cement) on the three latching plastic tabs.

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