Weston #8 manual tinned meat grinder

Manual Meat Grinders

I returned the product listed above after a couple of s to customer service. Buy this in conjunction with the 26mm plate and you can make chum like the pros.

Your dick in a meat grinder

I am not happy that I had to pay the shipping on the return. For you east coast fisherman, this unit will grind a whole adult bunker without being cut, simply insert the bunker head first, it's that easy.

Your dick in a <i>meat</i> <i>grinder</i>

Weston #32 Manual Tinned Meat

I appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback relative to my experience. I would not use it for anything that is going to be consumed by live beings so it's going back. Was informed that my order started off with problems on your side.

Manual Meat Choppers

I spent a little more than $11.00 to return an item that orinally only cost cost $25.00. It's quick too, we put 10 gallons of peanut bunker through it in 15 minutes.

Weston #8 manual tinned meat grinder:

Rating: 100 / 100

Overall: 93 Rates