Sae r102 service manual


A hh frequency charger for charging a battery, the hh frequency charger comprising: a first converter that transforms an alternating current into a first direct current , and then into a hh frequency alternating current; a synchronous converter circuit including at least two switches for transforming said hh frequency alternating current from said first converter to a second direct current output; drive logic that controls a transformation of the hh frequency alternating output current into the second direct current that defines a charging current for charging said battery; and a processor confured to adjust a level of charging current of the synchronous converter that passes onto a load.

TYPE 1150A - IET Labs

A hh frequency battery charger includes a converter, drive logic, and control logic.

US7528579 - Google

Restaurant Fire Surpression System Parts - CrownFire

The converter transforms a DC voltage into a hh frequency AC voltage.

November 2007 - A2LA

The control logic adjusts the output of the converter to maximize a charging cycle of a battery.

Sae r102 service manual:

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