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Your Harmony remote can control User Manual Harmony 1000 Overview of the Harmony Remote Many of the Harmony remote's buttons are standard remote buttons. USB Connector (along the side of the remote): Connect one end of the USB cable to this connector and the other end to your computer so User Manual Harmony 1000 Navating the Menus on the Remote A.

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However, there are buttons and other functions that may not be so familiar to you. Home: The home screen of your Harmony remote, where you can access your list of Activities. Settings: Access and change remote settings such as the date and time, touch-screen, backlht, background, and volume, as well turn on/off the Remote Assistant, and view a tutorial on using the remote. Numeric Entry: Depending on the Activity, this icon will display a numeric or alpha-numeric keypad to change channels, CDs, an User Manual Harmony 1000 Devices A device refers to the individual components that make up your home entertainment system.

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Harmony 1000 User Manual version1.0 User Manual Harmony 1000 Introduction Congratulations on the purchase of your Harmony remote!

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This User Manual will provide you with information on the main features and customizations for your Harmony remote.

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