Uniden powermax instruction manual


When I went into the menu on the handset to register the older phone with the new base, I only saw an option for “Deregister handset.” When I selected that option, the phone tried to connect to the old base unit (which isn’t connected) and timed out with an “Unable to connect” error.

Uniden DCT6465-2HS PowerMax 2.4 GHz

Over the years, I’ve have a few Uniden phone systems. I picked up my latest set of 4 phones for just $30.

<b>Uniden</b> DCT6465-2HS <b>PowerMax</b> 2.4 GHz

Uniden 5.8 Ghz Dital Manual - myotribpisin

The quality is great, the handsets are comfortable, and the reception isn’t bad. I wanted to use an older Uniden phone with my new base unit.

Uniden Cordless Phones, Headsets, Marine

The decimal point shows   up on the display as a -- (dash).

Uniden powermax instruction manual:

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