Zennox metal detector user manual

Beginner's Metal Detector with Analogue Display Maplin

The good news is that most metal detectors have the same basic functions, and we will explain what is what on this page.

Operating manual & guide to metal detecting - Fisher Research Labs

If you just bought a used metal detector and a manual was not included, don't panic!

Beginner's <i>Metal</i> <i>Detector</i> with Analogue Display Maplin

Metal Detector Manual - Metal Detector Reviews

All you need to know is what those knobs are for, and which way to turn them in order to get the most out of your detector.

User's Manual -

Let's start with the simplest function (knob) which would be the on / off. What this means is that if you turn this knob all the way clockwise, it will detect deeper, and will be more sensitive to real small objects.

Zennox metal detector user manual:

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