Garmin etrex 10 outdoor handheld gps manual

ETrex Vista - Caltech GPS

But again do first a course on how to use GPS-devices (with mapping capabilities) You are to be forgiven for not finding the Garmin User Manual very useful.

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I've just downloaded it, and it's even poorer than Garmin's usually poor offerings.

<strong>ETrex</strong> Vista - Caltech <strong>GPS</strong>

ETrex® 10 Garmin

There is a section on geocaching, but it assumes you want to use the Open Caching website, and download cache details to your GPS; you may want to operate in a more simple manner.

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When I read up, it seemed the Garmin Etrex 10 was the better handheld, as it did not lose snal under trees etc., picking up snal from two satellites. After looking at the Quick Start Up Guide and the Manual on uk (nothing alike) I am still dumbfounded.

Garmin etrex 10 outdoor handheld gps manual:

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