South wind heater manual

Stewart-Warner/South Wind 940 Series AC

It puts out so much heat it will make you open some windows PDQ. Bill Cannon (Southwind Guru) wrote an excellent article for Skinned nuckles several years.

South Wind Gasoline Car Heater

I was fortunate to locate all nos parts to do it with, thanks to my buddy Jerry Grayson. I seem to have lost my picture posting abilities, but I have some dressing up to do of the firewall cover before posting pictures. lol Nice pic Tony, earlier I did a thread search on the Barn and found a lot of good posts on this heater. I mostly paid attention to 38/39 and flathead related threads, just another reason to pay more attention.

Find <i>South</i> <i>Wind</i> <i>Heater</i> Parts - OWNSTER

Find South Wind Heater Parts - OWNSTER

So not a bad return on the cost of gas for heating. I got this heater running on 12V since the pickup was previously converted to 12v.. Two 2 ohm 25 watt resistors in parallel (1 ohm 50 watt)then wired in series to the niter.

Southwind Heater Manual -

All Stewart Warner ever mentioned about gas mileage was "Fuel consumed by operation of the heater affects the gas mileage by less than one mile per gallon." Cannon did a lot of fancy math (way above my head) about heat out put under various temperatures and came up with the conclusion that at full operation at 7.800 btu per hour required 0.078 gallons of fuel per hour and at half heat of 3,900 btu per hour or 0.039.

South wind heater manual:

Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 87 Rates