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Knock on the door and talk to the ferryman until he repeats himself. Get out the map again and click on the Isle of Wonder. Look at the funny little creature hanging from the tree.

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Stop in at the bookshop again; you're looking to meet Jollo, who will be sitting in the center of the room when he appears. Talk to and click the hand on the fire in the bookstore. Of Wondrous Things and Dangling Participles Get the feather and flower that are on the beach. Go back to the beach, get out the map, and go to the Isle of the Beast. (Also, unlike Conquests of Camelot, you need not worry about being bitten by rats or other critters.) Go N N E E N. Go north, cross the pool, and click the shield on the stone archer in the next screen.

<b>King</b>'s <b>Quest</b> <b>Quest</b> for the Crown - <b>Manual</b>, Docs, Documentation.

King's Quest Quest for the Crown - Manual, Docs, Documentation.

The Isle of the Crown Move the board that's stuck in the sand.

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Pick up the insnia ring that's glinting in the sand to the left.

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