Manual silvercrest home tech dt 33137

Silvercrest Manual & Troubleshooting Guide

I saw a previous post about it and it mentioned about using the learn function but have tried to no avail. I'd say return them - I got a couple of them at the weekend, but got nowhere with either of them, so I brought them back.

Silvercrest Sl 35 T Manual

They had settings for my TV and worked ok with that, but they refused to learn from the Silvercrest receiver's remote.

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Silvercrest SDBK 2200 A16 user manual - - Solve.

Yep, the learn function on that remote is great, it makes the buttons completely customisable.

RC Silvercrest Universal Remote Control

Just got the 8 in 1 Silvercrest universal remote control from Lidl today.

Manual silvercrest home tech dt 33137:

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