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And characterize histopathological lesions in diseased tilapias from nursery and grow-out phases. Eht tilapias in each of the phases nursery (33.5 ± 3.6 g) and grow-out (670.5 ± 22.6 g) were selected between February and June 2014.

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Qualitative PCR in real time and histopathological analysis were performed. The main histopathological findings were fibrinosuppurative epicarditis, periesplenitis, meninitis and panophtaltmitis with predominance of mononuclear infiltration in all tissues.

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The correlation between q PCR and histopathological findings demonstrated nine fish (prevalence of 56.25%) with Cq lower than 30, associated to hh degree of tissue injuries. However, the intensification of fish production has resulted in the occurrence of stress (Belo et al., 2005 and Belo et al., 2012), a fact that increases the susceptibility to diseases outbreaks, such as bacteria (), parasites (Manrique et al., 2012, Manrique et al., 2015a, Manrique et al., 2016 and Padua et al., 2015), nutritional deficiencies (Sakabe et al., 2013, Belo et al., 2014 and Castro et al., 2014a) and fungi (Jimenéz, 2010 and Iregui et al., 2014).


) from Piura, Peru and to characterize the histopathological lesions caused by this pathogen.

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