White goldmaster 2 owners manual

Whites G Metal detector -

A twin method iron ID system reduces any chances of having to d useless iron or steel targets.

Page 1 tes GOLI STERII OPERATOR'S MANUAL written by Jimmy.

A powerful elliptical DD coil desn manages ground mineral feedback whilst maintaining amazing sensitivity to the tiniest pieces of gold....the gold that other detectors miss!

Page 1 tes GOLI STERII OPERATOR'S <i>MANUAL</i> written by Jimmy.

Whites Electronics Manuals - Whites Electronics

Whites electronics developed an electrical partnership that has never been improved upon and it continues today with the G: Fast Auto-Trac and rotary controlled Self Adjusting Threshold (SAT).

Goldmining with Whites Goldmaster 2 - YouTube

Extreme sensitivity for the tiniest pieces of gold in most ground conditions.

White goldmaster 2 owners manual:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates