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The Line 6 PODxt Amp Modeler with Effects raises the bar in the world of amp modeling. 64 presets, tap tempo, and full MIDI control, plus all the knobs you need for on-the-fly tonal tweaking.

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Line 6 incorporates award-winning Vetta technology to give you 32 updated amp models plus 35 classic stompboxes and studio effects. USB I/O enables direct computer recording and gives you access to more downloadable models and effects.

Line 6 Bass <b>POD</b> xt Preset Chart - MIDI <b>Manuals</b> - Yumpu

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I may update it with new code and new features eventually, one day when I have both free time and focus.

Line 6 Variax Factory Reset Reflash and Software Update.

The tap tempo features support for modulation and delay effects with note divisions.

Pod xt live manual:

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