Manual for trex 450 v2


Head assembly This is clearly a masterpiece, it's beautiful and there is no backslash.

Tr50SE-V2Manual ebook - IRCHA

The box arrived 10 days after shipping, and my first impression was : that's a very tiny box ! Let's open all those sub-boxes, to discover that there is a snificant number of parts 😀 One great point with this kit, is that it comes with the electronic (motor, ESC, servos) and i had to add my newly converted to 2.4Ghz Eclipse 7. I knew what to expect here has I read a lot of things on the Internet about it.

RC Helicopter PDF <b>manual</b> downloads -

RC Helicopter PDF manual downloads -

Clearly Aln masters the subject and the assembly is really strahtforward. Don't forget to double check if the pre-assembled parts are well threadlocked.

Aln Aln_Trex_450SE-V2_

Ok, so after flying with our quadrirotor, I wanted a machine capable of doing a more aerobatic flht. A CP (Collective Pitch) helicoptere is a particulare type of heli that is able to independently move its blades.

Manual for trex 450 v2:

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