Sunbeam electric blanket owner manual

How to Wash an Electric Blanket

I got an electric blanket two weeks ago and I frgin' LOVE it. My husband wasn't much use when it came to go to bed: he comes with a built-in furnace, but usually comes to bed a full hour later then I do.

Best Electric Blankets 2017 - Warm and Cozy All Year

But with my blanket, there's no more of those twenty minutes when I actually want to fall asleep in my cold bed, but the bed and I both haven't warmed up enough yet.

Best <strong>Electric</strong> <strong>Blankets</strong> 2017 - Warm and Cozy All Year

Electric blanket buying guide - Bedroom -

So that used to be twenty pointless, shivering, waiting minutes to be deduced of my precious sleeping time. I switch the blanket on, go brush my teeth and then.. Also, my blanket has solved the problem of Thick Duvet vs Thin Duvet.

How to Reset a Sunbeam Electric Blanket Hunker

My husband is always warm, and he wants a thin duvet to keep from becoming too hot. We were on the verge to each get our bloody own duvet.

Sunbeam electric blanket owner manual:

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