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J-2.4GHz - You have reached ftp.

Futaba's newest transmitter release is the 6J, a six channel computer radio packed with hh end features.

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On top of everything else, it boasts a staggering 6.8ms frame rate (compare to the DX8 at 11ms).

J-2.4GHz - You have reached ftp.

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It's important to note that this radio is not compatible with FAAST, although rumour has it that Futaba's upcoming flagship, the 18MZ, will be compatible with all of Futaba's 2.4GHz technologies (possible upgrade path? System features 15-model memory 4-character model naming Simple 1-lever/3-button programming Data reset Airplane & heli software FHSS/S-FHSS modes Mode 1-4 selectable 127-segment, 40 x 40 LCD Dital trims/trim memory Endpoint adjustment (EPA), sub-trims & servo reversing Dual rates & exponential (ail/ele/rud) Fail-safe (all channels; in S-FHSS mode only) Throttle cut Trainer system (cord required) Throttle position, mix & low battery warnings Up/down & model timer Range check mode R2006GS S-FHSS Receiver Heli Features (2) 5-point throttle curves (3) 5-point pitch curves Throttle hold Hover pitch Gyro mixing Revo mixing 4 swash plate types (H1, H3, HR3 & H3 w/AFR) Swash AFR (ail/ele/pitch) Throttle mix Electronic swash ring Throttle delay Pitch delay The box comes stocked with Futaba's usual goodies.

Futaba 6J 6-channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System

Besides the 6J Transmitter and the R2006GS receiver, you also get a nicely illustrated instruction manual, neck strap, small plastic screwdriver and a switch harness.

Futaba t6j manual espanol:

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