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If you have a new HDTV look at the video inputs, or do something different and open up the manual.

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Either way you will come to find that the only way for your new HDTV to receive and display HD content in HD is through a component, DVI or HDMI port. You may have S Video or Composite there, and they may allow you to connect to your cable, satellite or PC, but they don’t play in HD. Look to see if you have a component, DVI or HDMI port out ?

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Chances are that unless you bought a PC with hh def video in mind, you don’t To quote from Cool Hand Luke; “What we have here is a failure to communicate” The PC you have, and that most Americans have can’t connect to their brand new HDTV and play Hh Def content.

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Compressed web video looks bad if you try to expand it to fill your PC monitor.

Sony grand wega kdf-e42a10 manual:

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