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It is an extended version of a brief description of Weka included as an appendix in the book. Output: Knowledge representation 3.1 Tables 3.2 Linear Models 3.3 Trees 3.4 Rules 3.5 Instance-Based Representation 3.6 Clusters 3.7 Further Reading and Bibliographic Notes 4.

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The book continues to provide references to Weka implementations of algorithms that it describes. Algorithms: the basic methods 4.1 Inferring Rudimentary Rules 4.2 Simple Probabilistic Modeling 4.3 Divide-and-Conquer: Constructing Decision Trees 4.4 Covering Algorithms: Constructing Rules 9.

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Chris Pal has joined Ian Witten, Eibe Frank, and Mark Hall for the fourth edition, and his expertise in probabilistic models and deep learning has greatly extended the book's coverage.

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To make room for the new material, we now provide an online appendix on the Weka software. Table of Contents of the 4th Edition: 2.5 Further Reading and Bibliographic Notes 3.

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