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It is an extended version of a brief description of Weka included as an appendix in the book. Output: Knowledge representation 3.1 Tables 3.2 Linear Models 3.3 Trees 3.4 Rules 3.5 Instance-Based Representation 3.6 Clusters 3.7 Further Reading and Bibliographic Notes 4.


The book continues to provide references to Weka implementations of algorithms that it describes. Algorithms: the basic methods 4.1 Inferring Rudimentary Rules 4.2 Simple Probabilistic Modeling 4.3 Divide-and-Conquer: Constructing Decision Trees 4.4 Covering Algorithms: Constructing Rules 9.

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Machine learning provides an exciting set of technologies that includes practical tools for analyzing data and making predictions but also powers the latest advances in artificial intellence.

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We have written a book that provides a hy accessible introduction to the area but also caters for readers who want to delve into the more mathematical ques available in modern probabilistic modeling and deep learning approaches.

Data mining weka lab manual:

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