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Added Philips 0x0471:0x0322 DMVC 1300K Thanks Eduardo Paglialunga.

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Release Added basic support vor Pixart PAC7311 based webcams :-), Thomas Kaiser & Joerg Schummer make: 0x093a:0x2600, 0x093a:0x2601, 0x093a:0x2603, 0x093a:0x2608, 0x093a:0x260e, 0x093a:0x260f This was a hard, exhausting and very long journey to get this chip working The support is not so good: Bad picture quality and not all controls are working, but we have at least something FIX Sysfs Auke Kok patch for kernel Release Add Trust 610 LCD Power [email protected] Zoom (webcam mode) by Mrton Nmeth Add Philips spc210nc by Franois Boisson Add Sony VGP-VCC1 embedded vc0321 ov7660 by Alwin Heerklotz Add experimental Micro Soft VX1000, Sonix sn9c105r OV7660 by me :) Bugs FIX sensor VC0305 VA6241 Version 0.2.0 Fix bugs no need to initialize the device when -L is asked.

Spca5xx - Community Help - Ubuntu

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Release Add Genius ge110 0x093a:0x2472 Thanks David Ponessa Add Philips spc220nc pac207 0x093a:0x2463 Thanks Mathieu Lacage Apply Serge A.

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Suchkov cosmetic FIX Add stream decoder to the vc0323 chip webcam (works with spcaview (update)) Upgrade spcaview 20071224 Release -rc3 FIX mc501cb VGA initial value Add Logitech QC Cool 0x046d:0x08af Thanks Roger Braun Release rc2 FIX sysfs for kernel upto 2.6.23 Makefile need to change for kernel 2.6.24 used EXTRA_CLAGS instead of CFLAGS Release rc1 Add Logitech QC for Notebooks 0x046d:0x08dd Thanks Logitech for the webcam ;-) Add Preliminary vc0326 support Thanks our DGGN (Gendarmerie Nationale) Lenovo webcam 0x17ef:0x4802 Release rc3 FIX From Robert Bohdal Sonix 0x602e Dark Picture FIX from Janne Kulmala QC express ETCH2 Brhtness Contrast adjust Add Talk Cam VX6 0x0c45:0x60ec SN9C105 MO4000 Thanks Jean-noel. Add A4Tech PK-130MG 0x0ac8:0x0328 from or liplianin VC0323 MI1320 Patch from Alin Brindusescu FIX Sonix Tas5110 0x6007 FIX Pac207 detection routine only test Hht Byte now thanks Dominik Hensler.

Mustek dv 3000 user manual:

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