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Conf file save restaure used key F1 and F2 Change the buttons picture (The Gimp) Version 0.1.9 Uwe-Philipp Kaeppeler 30/11/2006 set fps using -i fps Uwe-Philipp Kaeppeler 15/12/2006 save and load device control settings (keys 1 and 2, -r) Version 0.1.8 Pan/Tilt correction Wolfgang S-Rupprecht Fix the VC0321 HV7131R detection sometimes failed FIX the yuyv translator The vc0321 chips now support all gspcav1 palette Improve Logitech zc0321 po3130nc 0x046d:0x0896, support, at least mysterious register 0xd1 of the PO3130NC SOC give better result, Thanks Martin :) Correct typo mistake, thanks Giovanni Scafora:) Test the OV7660 set in my system76 notebook Many thanks System76 and Carl J.

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Release Add Genius ge110 0x093a:0x2472 Thanks David Ponessa Add Philips spc220nc pac207 0x093a:0x2463 Thanks Mathieu Lacage Apply Serge A.


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Suchkov cosmetic FIX Add stream decoder to the vc0323 chip webcam (works with spcaview (update)) Upgrade spcaview 20071224 Release -rc3 FIX mc501cb VGA initial value Add Logitech QC Cool 0x046d:0x08af Thanks Roger Braun Release rc2 FIX sysfs for kernel upto 2.6.23 Makefile need to change for kernel 2.6.24 used EXTRA_CLAGS instead of CFLAGS Release rc1 Add Logitech QC for Notebooks 0x046d:0x08dd Thanks Logitech for the webcam ;-) Add Preliminary vc0326 support Thanks our DGGN (Gendarmerie Nationale) Lenovo webcam 0x17ef:0x4802 Release rc3 FIX From Robert Bohdal Sonix 0x602e Dark Picture FIX from Janne Kulmala QC express ETCH2 Brhtness Contrast adjust Add Talk Cam VX6 0x0c45:0x60ec SN9C105 MO4000 Thanks Jean-noel. Add A4Tech PK-130MG 0x0ac8:0x0328 from or liplianin VC0323 MI1320 Patch from Alin Brindusescu FIX Sonix Tas5110 0x6007 FIX Pac207 detection routine only test Hht Byte now thanks Dominik Hensler.

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Release rc2 Add LDLC 0x0ac8:0x307b Thanks Pierre Quelen/Didier Leclerc for the webcam.

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