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Support Information: Device Type: Network Adapter Manufacturer: Dell Computer Model: latitude ppx Interface: PCMCIA Operating System: Windows XP Professional Age of Device: Not specified FCCID: nhpwlg1104 [url="

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I'm having all kinds of problems trying to install open SUSE on a Dell Latitude. Will keep trying the updates until there are no more packages.

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Does anyone successfully install on a Dell Latitude using a DVD? 3) 12.3 install F3=800 X 600 is available in this one, and it works well. But when I try to run openoffice writer or firefox, it blows up the user session. The only message in /var/log/warn or messages is X server for display :0 terminated unexpectedly. Got a message that the install of some packages failed.

Dell latitude cpt ppx manual:

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