Fluoroskan ascent fl manual

Fluoroskan Ascent FL - User Manual - AFNS

Its powerful on-line autoread/kinetic graphic display feature facilitates previewing of results while the operation is still in progress.

Fluoroskan Ascent FL Microplate Fluorometer

Real time results are realized on plate data as it interface provides the user with a familiar spreadsheet format.

Spectrosoft Elisa Plate Software -

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pectrosoft is a microplate based reader control software program.

Spectrosoft Elisa Plate Software -

A revolutionary state-of-the-art program which will control most laboratory Elisa instrument readers such as Molecular Devices EMAX, VMAX, Thermomax, UVMAX, Multiskan models, Finstruments Fluorescence models, and the 1-20 plate Multiskan Reader mode Stacker produced by Finstrumentsits compatible screen format, users can maintain their current lab instrumentation format, but with greater ease, more accuracy, and faster results.

Fluoroskan ascent fl manual:

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