Fluoroskan ascent fl manual

Spectrosoft Elisa Plate Software -

Its powerful on-line autoread/kinetic graphic display feature facilitates previewing of results while the operation is still in progress.

Ascent SW User Manual for Fluoroskan

Real time results are realized on plate data as it interface provides the user with a familiar spreadsheet format.

<i>Fluoroskan</i> <i>Ascent</i> FL - User <i>Manual</i> - AFNS

Sensitivity of Luminoskan Ascent and Fluoroskan Ascent

However, because it is desned specifiy for use within the laboratory as a reader, built-in functions enable sophisticated analysis to compliment the ease of data acquisition.

Fluoroskan Ascent FL Microplate Fluorometer

A unique feature of Spectrosoft includes an easy-to-use Windows display interface which is standardized for the most common features of lab commands.

Fluoroskan ascent fl manual:

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