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Some motor runs, but not the blower The old (trashed) condensor was made in 07/96. I'm guessing that, given the display and the proper temp-trgered switching working, it is not the batteries... mr Aru thinks that the new thermostat came out of the box as defective [which is not impossible] Probably the thermostat is trashed, the reason being that both the blower and the burner are controlled off the thermostat. Remember, the thermostat does not control the fan in heating, yet you have no fan in cooling or heating. I take it in the metal box at the bottom of the furnace - can it be opened without pulling it out of the closet? There should be a way to jump something-to-something to force the blower on.

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1 Installation Guide IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION WARNING: • Always turn off power at the main power source by unscrewingfuse or switching circuit breaker to the off position before installing,removing, cleaning, or servicing thermostat. • All wiring must conform to local and national building and electricalcodes and ordinances.

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• Read all of the information in this manual before installing or programming this thermostat. • Do not short (jumper) across terminals on the gas valve or at thesystem control to test installation.

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No more - the condenser is running, I can hear the coolant circulating, but now, even after 20 minutes, no blower. On a guess, I jumped between the red wire on the tstat and the green (also both yellows) - nothing. New development: when fan is switched to "On", I get a hum - either a relay or a motor stopped in a dead spot (do motors get "dead spots" anymore? I take it my guess of jumping the red tstat line to the green SHOULD have turned on the blower, yes? Second - motor - I got into the blower and turned it manually, then switched fan t "on" - nothing.

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