Casio csf-4650 digital diary manual

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First information about INTERFACE for Casio diaries and

It allows connection PC and calculator or electroniy diaries SF and CSF of the firm CASIO. hardware connection on the side of the diary is conducted stereo jack connector 2.5 mm and on the side of PC 9 pin serial COM port. It's being sold for 15 EUR Shareware software XLINK WIN (UNREGISTRED for Windows ) version 2.5d 710KBSUPPORTS - CASIO SF; CASIO CSF; CASIO CSF-4650; CASIO CSF-4950; CASIO CSF-5550; CASIO CSF-7950; CASIO CSF-8950; CASIO C-300; CASIO IP-800; CASIO NX; CASIO NX-4000; CASIO NX-6000; CASIO SF-A10; CASIO SF-A20; CASIO SF-A30; CASIO SF-M10; CASIO SF-R10; CASIO SF-R20; CASIO SF-4300; CASIO SF-4300A; CASIO SF-4300B; CASIO SF-4300R; CASIO SF-4400; CASIO SF-4600; CASIO SF-4600B; CASIO SF-4600RS; CASIO SF-4600C; CASIO SF-4700C; CASIO SF-4700L; CASIO SF-4900C; CASIO SF-4900L; CASIO SF-4900RS; CASIO SF-4900Z; CASIO SF-4950Z; CASIO SF-4980ER; CASIO SF-4980Z; CASIO SF-4985; CASIO SF-4985ER; CASIO SF-5100; CASIO SF-5300; CASIO SF-5300B; CASIO SF-5300E; CASIO SF-5500B; CASIO SF-5580; CASIO SF-5580RS; CASIO SF-5590SY; CASIO SF-5780; CASIO SF-5780RS; CASIO SF-5790SY; CASIO SF-5980; CASIO SF-5990SY; CASIO SF-5600AR; CASIO SF-6300; CASIO SF-6500SY; CASIO SF-6700SY; CASIO SF-6900SY; CASIO SF-7000; CASIO SF-7100SY; CASIO SF-7200SY; CASIO SF-7500; CASIO SF-7600SP; CASIO SF-7900; CASIO SF-7900E; CASIO SF-8000; CASIO SF-8300; CASIO SF-8350; CASIO SF-8350R; CASIO SF-8500; CASIO SF-8900; CASIO SF-9000; CASIO SF-9350; CASIO SF-9500; CASIO SF-9600; CASIO SF-9700; RADIO Shack EC-356; RADIO Shack EC-357; RADIO Shack EC-361; RADIO Shack EC-394; RADIO Shack EC-442; RADIO Shack EC-356; Sharp 66xx; Sharp 6660; Sharp 6660A; Sharp 6690; Sharp 6690A; Sharp 6760; Sharp 6790; Sharp 6850; Sharp 6890; Sharp 6895; Sharp OZ; Sharp OZ-570; Sharp OZ-630; Sharp OZ-640; Sharp OZ-650; Sharp OZ-700; Sharp OZ-730; Sharp OZ-750; Sharp OZ-770; Sharp TM-20; Sharp YO; Sharp YO-130; Sharp YO-150; Sharp YO-170; Sharp YO-180; Sharp YO-200; Sharp YO-200M; Sharp YO-250M; Sharp YO-260M; Sharp YO-300; Sharp YO-310; Sharp YO-320; Sharp YO-350; Sharp YO-350CP; Sharp YO-370; Sharp YO-370CP; Sharp YO-380; Sharp YO-390; Sharp YO-400; Sharp YO-430; Sharp YO-470; Sharp YO-480; Sharp YO-500; Sharp YO-530; Sharp YO-550; Sharp YO-600; Sharp YO-610; Sharp YO-620; Sharp YO-630; Sharp ZQ; Sharp ZQ-160; Sharp ZQ-165; Sharp ZQ-180; Sharp ZQ-190; Sharp ZQ-480; Sharp ZQ-485; Sharp ZQ-3200; Sharp ZQ-4200; Sharp ZQ-4300; Sharp ZQ-4400; Sharp ZQ-4500; Sharp ZQ-4600; Sharp ZQ-5650; It allows :1.

<i>CASIO</i> <i>CSF-4650</i> user <i>manual</i> - User <i>manual</i>

Casio CSF-4650 Nostalgie Ditales, analoges Outlook ohne E.

Pledge items from dital diary into deposit file in PC through serial interface.2.

Casio Calculator Collection Update page

Remove back unpledged items from PC into dital diary through interface.3.

Casio csf-4650 digital diary manual:

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