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For example, Sallys report, which was approved, was the only one considered. The most common comma splice occurs when the adverb however is mistaken for a conjunction.

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For example, She wrote the memo, and she sent it, but She wrote the memo and sent it. Introduce a restrictive or essential clause with that and do not mark it with a comma or commas. Use two commas to set off the year when it follows the month and day and the sentence continues, as in August 15, 1997, was a scorcher. In informal writing such as popular fiction, comma splices are common (especially in dialogue), but in on-the-job writing (business writing, cal writing, legal writing, academic writing, journalism, etc.) they are considered a distracting error.

The <b>Gregg</b> Reference <b>Manual</b> A <b>Manual</b> of <b>Style</b>, Grammar. - Chegg

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For example, Sally wrote the report that was approved. Introduce a nonrestrictive or nonessential clause with which and mark it with commas. Readers generally want to know where one sentence ends and the next begins.

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Most business writers prefer to use the serial comma before and in a series of three or more items.

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