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If you want a phone to use a lot of data on then get a data package and your carrier will set up with the phone of the month on a data plan and a Contract if your not into that then. I say a newer version because this phone was low end when introduced.

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At this point in time you can get a S2, a HTC amaze or iphone 4 for the same price and any of these phones will do more than Just txt and talk.

<strong>Samsung</strong> <strong>Galaxy</strong> <strong>Discover</strong> <strong>S730M</strong> - Full phone specifications

Samsung Galaxy Discover S730M - Full phone specifications

The battery life will last the day if you use the phone for texting and ing only. The price is very low so this is a good phone if you want to pay a little bit of money. The photos and video camera works fine, not fantastic, but good enuf. If you want to do a lot of browsing better get something with more RAM used this phone for a couple years.

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It is a low cost phone that is good for texting and talking and maybe using wifi once in a while.

Samsung galaxy discover s730m user manual:

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