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Dear Rx PGites, I have just entered "final year" of MBBS. I have Bailey and Love's Short Practice of Surgery also and I plan to read it also, since it is important from entrance point of view.

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I bought Das Textbook of Surgery and have started reading it. So, I wanted to know whether reading Das textbook is worth the time spent. but i think is a slht confusion as it seems he's only tried to club his clinical n shrt cases ka gyan in the textbook ... so since u've got bailey ...stick to it my fren !!! if u need to study comprehensively go for sabiston or schwartz.these books seem bulky but if u read limited topics they'd prove more useful.actually for UG studies we need to select topics and read from the books of ca-gall bladder is only discussed in das so dont forget tot read Bailey is Hopeless from the Entrance point of view.

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