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Samsung Galaxy S7 User Manual for Verizon

A Bluetooth headset gives you the freedom to stay connected to all the important aspects of your business no matter where you are or what you're doing.

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To get your Verizon Bluetooth headset to work with your phone, you first need to put the two devices through a pairing process.

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If you're connecting your headset to a computer, rht-click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray in the lower rht corner of the desktop and click "Turn Adapter On." 3. Most headsets simply have a single button that you press to turn it on, although some models may have a power slider. Most Bluetooth headsets automatiy go into pairing mode when you turn them on and they can't find a previously paired device.

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Refer to the manual for instructions specific to your device. Some other Verizon headsets may require that you hold down the "Talk" button for several seconds before the indicator lht either starts flashing rapidly or stays solidly lit, indicating that the device is in pairing mode. Search for new Bluetooth devices on your mobile device or computer.

Verizon samsung phone user manual:

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