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This printer (Canon Pixma mx310) was working just fine on my Win 8 machine until yesterday, when it started telling me the printer was offline. How are you connecting the printer to the computer (usb or through the network)? I didn't do anything to it - never said a word about it, didn't criticize it to its face or even behind its back - and now, this. And when you disconnect everything, let it sit for a couple of minutes to discharge any memory in the printer.

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I've uninstalled the printer and re-installed it and selected it as the default printer, I've downloaded a new driver, I've restarted everything and I can't get the damned thing to print and all the computer can tell me is that "the printer is in an error state." The printer status is "printer is not responding." Duh. Have you checked the printer to see if it is reporting a problem (either by setting it's lhts or a message on an LCD if it has one)? unplug the cable at both ends and replug or remake the wireless connection. do a self test on the printer (after it is off for a few minutes) with it disconnected from the computer (unplugged or the computer off). I did once have a problem connecting my HP printer. The printer had a button on it that printed out the router location and when I manually entered it the computer recognized the printer. IIRC it's not connected to the printer software, it's just built in to Windows.

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) Thing is, it was working just fine three days ago. Maybe the printer is associated with the wrong port. That could be the problem, of course, and I just have to fure that part out. Nah, I now don't think that's the problem, either, because it's also associated with a USB virtual printer port. If it's a cable connection try another one to eliminate a bad cable.

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I taught him a lot then, now he's teaching me a lot! But I don't know how to move it from one to another. Why do they give people like me a license to run this thing if I don't know how to drive it? If it says "printer not responding" that sounds like the computer recognizes the printer and is trying to talk to it.

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