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Hi, i think i understand what you are explaining normally most fittings for the air system will be glued so there is a good chance that something has broken.

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If you would like to send me a picture of what part has blown off and i will be able to give you the solution and parts required.

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I don't know this model but most hot tub have a micro switch on the valve that starts the compressor to confirm turn the power off then removing the access panel and take the wires of the switch and connect to gether then turn back on if the compressor is working then the switch needs replacing if it is not workin the the compressor is faulty check the GFIC trip it and reset it, next see if any lhts come on in the spa. ask if you need morwe help, and don't forget to vote if i was of help Sounds like the motor is seized. Sometimes you can get to the shaft of the motor on the back end by removing a cover or cap.

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