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That Lives nearby much appreciated I live in Leicester UK or if you have face time or Skype and are willing to help me I can give you my add. To cut the nition 12v (ON) wire coming from the key if you use the the cut-off relay you would need to attach the White wire from the alarm to the key side of the cut nition wire at the relay.

Nissan Micra K11 2000 handleiding

What's next you going to point out my spelling punctuation ?

Nissan <strong>Micra</strong> <strong>K11</strong> 2000 handleiding

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If you here to start pointing errors out and making criticisms good on ya.

Page 1 CVT IS NISSAN'S VERSION OF continuously variable.

Can someone please give me directions to get this installed. Some Chinese units this Anit-Robbery and have a 18 seconds timed delay to nition shutdown.

Micra k11 workshop manual:

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