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Throughout this post I am referring to my wiring diagram which I will try to upload but cannot do it ? None of my questions below with a make sense unless they can see the diagram. If I want to pay somebody 250 could have done that in Leicester. Blinkers(turn snals) wired to each side left and rht after switch.

Page 1 CVT IS NISSAN'S VERSION OF continuously variable.

I understand a few basics of wiring but I'm still amateur. I'm sorry we're here to point things out but you've already made some wrong assumptions, since I told you the white on the car was the constant why on earth would it go to white on the alarm? Both brown wires are Positive then fuse symbol then lht bulb (Indicating lht) symbol and ground symbol. Unless this unit has a anti-car jacking (theft) that would shut down the engine after a timed duration when activated.

Nissan <i>Micra</i> <i>k11</i>, installing alarm - The12Volt

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That Lives nearby much appreciated I live in Leicester UK or if you have face time or Skype and are willing to help me I can give you my add. To cut the nition 12v (ON) wire coming from the key if you use the the cut-off relay you would need to attach the White wire from the alarm to the key side of the cut nition wire at the relay.

Nissan Micra k11, installing alarm - The12Volt

What's next you going to point out my spelling punctuation ?

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