P75 ecu auto to manual conversion

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Once chipped, these ECUs have many hardware options for tuning ranging from simple chip tuning to realtime options with integrated logging. 5wire wideband, power steering vs no PS, etc.) it is possible to convert any ECU that is a member of the “family” into any other ECU by a combination of modifications to the the circuitry in terms of adding and removing parts along with chipping the ECU to change its program.

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To learn about the different options, see “Tuning Hardware” below. The only “oddballs” are the 92-95 Civic VX P07 (which came from the factory with a wideband and was heavily optimized for fuel economy) and the 94-95 JDM GSR Automatic P72 (which is more like a OBD2 ECU inside. To find out more about various kits for converting ECUs or adding features see “ECU Modification Hardware” below. There are several software tools available for tuning this platform.

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Civic and 93-95 Integra 37820-P05 P06 P08 P28 P29 P30.

While there are differences between OBD1 Civic and Integra ECUs (Vtec vs. Many software tools extend the orinal capabilities of the factory computer, allowing forced induction, ITBs and larger injectors to be calibrated. When you buy a Neptune License, it is married to a specific Demon hardware unit (Demon Neptune package – $395), the license is paired with the Demon hardware unit.

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These ECUs are also a more or less plug-n-play substitute for 92-95 Accord and Prelude computers, which have not been fured out to the same extent.

P75 ecu auto to manual conversion:

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