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The cargo room is great for its class, and the car is roomy enough to fit even seven people (if you consider putting someone in the trunk).

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I know I had not driven it for long - but I can tell you that once you realize that the engine is VERY small, you should apply this car only for short distances and at a decent speed too (like 60 or 80 km/hr). Try to avoid hhways where you want to be cool and drive 120 km/hr, if for short distance it should be fine - otherwise you will get rattles/faults etc. The car is noisy, but again - for the price and for the application, it is far better than to walk!!! The heads had to be skimmed, and the water pump replaced etc etc etc. The air conditioner control unit malfunctioned after 6 months of purchase.

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It should treat you well, and keep your wallet rather full. It is at least a nice car to look at and you can get where you want from A to B without having to walk. I love my QQ and will drive it with TLC and it will treat me well too ;-) Had to replace the air condintioner after ~1200 km of use. The QQ is a good car that comes at a really cheap price, considering the comfort and style. The Chery QQ3 has been the worst driving experience of my life. The car was bought at a retail price of R63 000, and has cost over R40 000 in maintenance over 100 000 km. I have a book of the list of problems that I got within the first year of ownership, amounting to over 30 000 Rand.

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Clunky and confusing pedal placement makes the car more difficult to drive. The performance is not great for its class, with cars such as the Demio which beat it by 10 km/h, but the handling is just perfect. In 100 000km the car was off the road three months of every year. I will not recommend this brand to anyone, and will never invest in the Chery brand myself again. The car is definitely not worth what I paid for it. My fiancé has one and it's the bgest piece of crap.

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