Army's new physical training manual tc 3-22.20

Disparities among Greek Army Units due to Physical

"Today's PT test does not adequately measure components of strength, endurance, or mobility. Hertling, TRADOC's deputy commanding general for Initial Military Training, who holds a master's degree in exercise physiology.


The events have a low correlation to the performance of warrior tasks and battle drills and are not strong predictors of successful physical performance on the battlefield or in full spectrum operations," said Lt. As TRADOC's lead for the test review, Hertling collaborated with a 16-member team headed by Frank Palkoska, director of the U. Army Physical Fitness School, resulting in a recommendation to the Army for not just one, but two revised PT tests.

Disparities among Greek Army Units due to <strong>Physical</strong>

Army Physical Readiness Training FM 7-22 App

The APRT, desned to replace the current APFT, expands from three to five events, eliminates sit-ups, increases the pace of push-ups, and replaces the long-distance run with shorter-faster runs.

The Competency of the Military Fitness Training Leaders

Soldiers will be better prepared if they train how they would fht. Army has assessed physical aptitude through the Army Physical Fitness Test, or APFT.

Army's new physical training manual tc 3-22.20:

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