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This should also make it easier for most people to use some of the more advanced features of the radio (and get their money’s worth if you paid full-price for the radio new) as I will try to explain procedures a little more clearly and in a more logical order.

Radio Shack Cold Heat Soldering Iron Manual.

Granted, this radio isn't simple so Some of the better features of the radio are that it has 20 banks-but you can only scan 10 at a time ( A or B).

<b>Radio</b> <b>Shack</b> Kit eBay

Manual de instrucciones de Radio Shack 63-984 - –.

Priority ID scanning-1 ID per scan list, 5 lists per bank and then you can tweak it to scan just the priority IDs.

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This is an excellent radio that has many fine features for scanning and trunking.

Radio shack instruction manual:

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