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The indicator lamp (green) changes from blinking to lit.250 F3.2Continue to hold the shutter button down halfway.

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On the Fine Pix S5200 / Fine Pix S5600, pressing the shutter button down halfway locks the focus and exposure settings (AF/AE lock).

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The lines in the scene frame divide the image into 3 rougy equal parts horizontally and vertiy.

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If the flash is used in dusty conditions or when it is snowing, white dots may appear in the image due to flash reflecting off the dust particles or snowflakes. h Very shiny subjects such as a mirror or car bodyh Subjects photographed through glassh Subjects that do not reflect well, such as hair or furh Subjects with no substance, such as smoke or flamesh Dark subjectsh Fast moving subjectsh Subjects with little or no contrast between the subject and the background (such as whitecamera focuses on your subject.

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