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Spring Webflow Can Validators Be Manually Set

If this is intended to be made as dynamic as possible, it may make more sense to develop a little abstraction of the menu, for example, one Pojo per menu item in an ordered set.

Adding a Custom JSP Page in a Spring Web Flow Jaspersoft

The Pojo would then be referenced to the state ID and also contain a nice String representation for the menu label.

Ques for integrating AJAX within <b>Spring</b> <b>Web</b> <b>Flow</b>

Spring Web Flow Reference Guide

A shopping cart, flht check-in, a loan application, and many others.

Introducción a Spring - Departamento de Ingeniería

For example, reading all possible states from the XML definitions and rendering them in a [email protected] private Flow Definition Registry flow Definition Registry; private void build Menu Items From Flow(Request Context context) { Array List view States To Display = new Array List(); if (flow Definition Registry !

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