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It's gorgeous in its own way; everything feels purposeful and fuss-free (except for the foolish position of single and continuous shooting on the on/off dial making it far too easy to slip into continuous from the off).

Canon EOS lens Adapters - Using Manual

Leica is one of those brands that's been around for donkeys years, and for good reason: it makes such exceptionally good optics for its hh-end M-series rangefinder cameras that it's in a league of its own.

<strong>Canon</strong> EOS <strong>lens</strong> Adapters - Using <strong>Manual</strong>

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But while the photographic elite mht wax lyrical about such cameras, for the majority of us they will probably just seem like hard-to-use, overpriced, overly angular slabs of German engineering.

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The Leica Q represents a brand in the throes of change, one looking to appeal to both new and existing customers.

Manual lens for canon full frame:

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