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Hammond SK2 Dual-Manual Organ Keyboard

I'm looking for something costing £1000 to £1500 (preferably less) that is professional enough to use on stage, sometimes at pretty b venues.

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Lastly, is it better to get a synth separately, as built-in ones are a bit rubbish, or is there anything that competently covers it all?

Hammond SK2 Dual-<strong>Manual</strong> Organ <strong>Keyboard</strong>

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Michael Hall Managing Editor Matt Bell replies: This is a tricky question to answer, as there are many keyboards currently available in your price range that seem to fit the bill.

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I read your 2001 review for the Electro 2 which initially seemed to fit this bill, but Gordon Reid, who reviewed it for you, didn't seem that inspired by it!

Korg sp 200 keyboard manual:

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