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I do hear clunking and squeaking while turning tht corners sometimes, but not exclusively. I'm clutching at straws, because I really don't have time or money enough to throw parts at it and see what sticks.

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I'm not really familiar with Subaru drivetrains, or manual transmissions in general, but everything I'm seeing and hearing online is suggesting the center differential. UPDATE: When I checked the dipstick on the passenger side of the transmission, the only dipstick I can find, I didn't see any problems. The clunky sounds have gotten a bit less ever-present, especially when the transmission has warmed up a bit, but it is still pretty much always making a whining or lht-grinding noise.

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Now, I have been hearing whining noises coming from around the transmission (hard to say exactly while driving) for a while now, and fured it was a bearing somewhere that I don't want to deal with rht now.

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But yesterday, it started making really awful clunking and grinding noises whenever I'm in gear, especially while accelerating. Could it be a bearing in there, instead of a $500 differential unit?

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