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ENGLISH The starter is fitted with safety devices which, in the event of a fault, can stop the starter and consequently the motor.

ATS01N222QN Avviatore soft-start Schneider Electric, 3 fasi, 415 V.

The motor itself may be stopped by a mechanical blockage.

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Altistart 48 Démarreurs-ralentisseurs progressifs Page 2 FRANÇAIS Soft start-soft stop units Page 84 ENGLISH Sanftanlasser Seite 166 DEUTSCH Arrancadores, ralentizadores progresivos Página 248 ESPAÑOL 1As a rule, the Altistart 48 control (CL1 - CL2) and power (1/L1 - 3/L2 - 5/L3) supplies must be disconnected before any operation on either the electrical or mechanical parts of the installation or machine.

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During operation the motor can be stopped by cancelling the run command. If personnel safety requires prevention of sudden restarts, this electronic locking system is not sufficient: fit a breaker on the power circuit.

Telemecanique altistart 46 manuale italiano:

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