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WWEC Manual - Elizabethtown College

Communications Operators and Mobile Operators shall adhere to Radio Procedures as given in this guideline. This station shall be referred to as BURLINGTON COUNTY CENTRAL COMMUNICATIONS, abbreviated as "CENTRAL" for radio transmissions. All Fire and EMS stations will be dispatched by station number, address, and type of incident. Until a dispatched unit sns on radio, Central will re-tone as prescribed in this policy to achieve the proper response.(0 minutes initial dispatch, 5 Minutes, 8 minutes and every 4 thereafter re-dispatch until a response has occurred.) Individual stations may contact their zone dispatcher for special circumstances, to clarify or to provide relevant information. Grid Development 1.1 Each Agency will be responsible to provide Burlington County Central Communications with their selection of grid responses to include a minimum of twenty-five (25) ambulances to fill five (5) full medical alarms.

Policies and Practices Vermont Public Radio

Similar to all policies it is not possible to include every potential situation nor is it possible to anticipate all possible communication protocols.

The Public and Broadcasting July 2008 edition Federal.

Dolphin Radio DJ Manual 4-0

Thus flexibility must be allowed for all users to adapt to unanticipated situations.

The Public and Broadcasting July 2008 edition Federal.

This policy manual has been revised to reflect the dital radio system installed and placed in full operation February 2005.

Radio station policy manual:

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